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Why choose RGT, Inc.?

We recognize three important pillars of earning and maintaining business relationships:

  • Quality

No company can get any job done without the best quality products available. That’s why we strive to offer our clients the most durable, highest quality products they need to keep their business running strong. Since 2001, we’ve worked closely with the biggest names in our industry in order to  secure nothing but the best wafer frames and hoops, wafer frame shippers and systems, among other essential products our clients need to keep their business successful. We here at RGT, Inc. pride ourselves on ensuring every item we distribute meets not only our standards of excellence, but our client’s as well.

  • Discount Prices

Although we pride ourselves on distributing only the best products to our clients, RGT Inc. understands that top quality does not always mean paying high prices. Saving our clients money is another top priority at RGT. Our close relationships with our suppliers help in providing each of our clients with the products they need at the lowest price possible. We work hard for our clients so they save money to help keep them profitable.

  • Customer Service

Perhaps the most important pillar of excellent business practice is high end customer service. We understand that if our clients don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. Our sales professionals pride themselves in making sure that every one of our client’s needs are met in order maintain a high level of success. Our United States based sales professionals work one-on-one to provide accurate, personalized quotes, and follow through to make sure each order is processed and fulfilled as quickly as possible to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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