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Wafer Systems

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UV Curing System

RGT Curing System

Do you need a UV Curing System to cure your UV Tape for easier die removal? With RGT Inc’s high quality, table top UV curing system from High Max, you can cure your UV Wafer Tape in a small production or lab environment. The UV-200 (6″ & 8″ wafers) and the UV-300 (8″ & 12″ wafers are not only economical but require no special ventilation or exhaust.

Wafer Mounter

RGT Wafer Mounter

The SHM-300 Wafer Mounter is perfect for use with 6″-12″ (150mm-300mm) wafers, and is compatible with our standard frames (up to 300mm / 12″).

  • Working Range up to 300mm (12″) Wafer/Frame
  • Built-in digital temperature controller
  • Customized chuck table to meet special requirements
  • Compact desktop design
  • Backing tape roller (Optional)
  • ESD Eliminator (Optional)

Wafer Cleaner

RGT Cleaner

This desktop wafer cleaner is the perfect machine for cleaning wafers, substrates or plates up to 205mm following sawing, dicing, scribing, grinding, lapping or other similar operations. The unit features:

  • A compact design (470x500x380mm)
  • Easy to use, single-button operation
  • Economic local heating or drying air
  • Requires no ventilation
  • Rinse water (optional)
  • Table rotation up to 3000rpm
  • Programmable cycle, temperature, nozzle movement and spin speed